Baccarat Betting Strategies


Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games. The Banker or Player hand that is closest to nine wins the game. Players can also place a bet on the Tie.

New mass marketing-oriented versions of the game evolved to cater to a broader audience. They became faster, smaller and allowed for a lower minimum bet.

Game rules

Baccarat is a simple game with a few key rules. It uses six to eight standard decks of cards and has several types of bets. The game has a low house edge and high payouts, making it a popular casino card game. Players can use various betting strategies to increase their chances of winning. These systems usually involve positive progression systems, where players increase their wagers after a win and decrease their wagers after a loss. Negative progression systems, which are similar to the Martingale strategy, are also possible.

In the game of baccarat, a hand’s total value is determined by adding up all its cards. Face cards and tens count as zero points, while all other cards have their numeric value. If the total is more than 10, the player drops the first digit. A nine-card hand is the best score. If the Banker and Player have equal scores, all bets are returned (no one wins) or bets on a Tie pay 8 to 1 (in some places). All other bets lose.


There are a number of side bets available for players in baccarat. These bets offer different payouts. For example, the Big and Small bet pays out if the player or banker get four, five, or six cards in their hands. There is also the Banker Pair or P-Pair bet that wins if the Banker’s hand has two cards with the same rank. In EZ Baccarat, this bet pays out at 8:1.

The Player’s pair bet is another popular option. It is a bet that the first two cards of the Player will match in value, such as both being 7s. The payout for this bet is 11:1. Players can make this bet online as well. Regardless of the side bets, the ’Banker’ bet is the best choice for players because it offers the lowest house edge. In addition, winning bets pay out before a new round begins. This is an important factor for players who are used to playing in casinos.


There are a variety of payouts available in baccarat. Players should familiarize themselves with these bet types and the house edge to make the most of their game. Typically, a winning player or banker hand pays 1 to 1. A win on the ‘Tie’ side bet qualifies for a payout of 8 to 1, but it may not be the same at all casinos.

Aside from the basic bets, players can also place a variety of side wagers. These include the ‘Tiger’, ‘Small Tiger’, and ‘Tiger Pair’ bets. These side bets are paid out if the banker or player form a pair using their first two cards.

Players should always remember to set a bankroll and spending limits before they start playing. This will help them avoid chasing their losses and losing all their winnings. Score sheets are available at baccarat tables to help players keep track of their totals. These can be helpful for making better decisions in future games.


There are many baccarat betting strategies that can help you minimize losses and increase your chances of winning. Some are simple and easy to use, while others require more practice and discipline. Many online casinos offer free games that allow you to practice different strategies without risking any real money.

The Martingale strategy involves increasing your wager size each time you lose a hand. This is a negative progression system that requires you to start with a small bet, such as $1, and then double your wager after each loss. When you win, the sequence resets and you return to your original bet size.

Another popular baccarat betting strategy is the Labouchere system, which uses a series of numbers to determine your bet size. This system is more complex than the Martingale and requires that you decrease your bet size after a win. It can also be very risky, especially when losing streaks occur. To reduce your risk of high losses, you should play short sessions and set a spending limit.